Today is the last day of 8 years at my job

07 Feb 2019 - Montpellier

Today is the last day of 8 years at my job. To say that I’m grateful for everything would be an understatement.

I’m still in the process of listing everything this job and this team gave me, everything I learned there, how it allowed me to grow, improvise, take responsabilities, and in all that, earn my own freedom.

I started working at Comalia in 2011, after a year of searching for myself, following a failed but founding experience with friends trying to make a living of videogames news websites. My confidence was broken, my skills were raw at best, I would never have hired myself in the first place.

Fast forward 3 years later, things are going well at work, we’re a very small team dedicated to make the best product for our market, and we’re not bad at it. There’s a lot to do, everybody is proactive and open to new ideas, we have room to try new things, and permission to fail and learn from our mistakes.
But I feel like my personal life is a bit too easy and predictable, and I want to go abroad to live some little adventures. After a (long) time of reflection, I finally tell my boss that I want to leave in 12 to 18 months.

His answer was quite unexpected; he offered to try to keep me in the company by allowing remote work, something we had never done before. We would spend the next year setting up eveything to make this possible, upgrading our code and issues management, modifying our communication habits, and even migrating to VoIP phones. In the process, the company would become much more resilient (and my boss would earn the title of Best Boss in the World).
I can see now how this decision, and the proposition that came with it, were a defining moment for the person I am today. It showed me that I was worth something, and allowed me to push away my fear of the unknown while keeping a stable life rythm.

The rest is the most satisfying period of my life.

I left France in September 2014, lived in Iceland for 2 winters (and tried to learn Icelandic, how foolish was I), came back to buy a shiny motorcycle and went all around Europe for the last 3 years. From Lisboa to Kyiv, from Nordkapp to Athens, Berlin, Sarajevo, Siracusa, from coworking places, coffees, hostels, or staying in France with family and friends, I just kept working every weekday, 9 to 6, with the same amazing team. And I learned so much in the process.

Today is the last day of 8 years at my job. It gave me freedom. It taught me freedom. I can never say thank you enough.