Naaw notes

13 Aug 2019 - Barreirinhas


As I am currently melting under a Brazilian sun, waiting for my afternoon tour in the Parque Nacional dos Lençóis Maranhenses (where I am probably going to die like a polar bear dropped in the Sahara desert), it seems like a good time to empty the buffer.
Trying not to transition from white to red, as my kind usually does in similar circumstances, is one of my main (pre)occupations here, the other one being not becoming addicted to caipirinhas.
It's funny how fighting against a cold wind or a snowstorm really feels to me like a fight, you can move, switch position, add layers, be active in your fight; fighting against a heatwave on the other hand, is like a very twisted nonconsensual bdsm session where all you can do is suffer and endure passively, dreaming of a long bygone ice age. Maybe I was born 2.6 million years too late.