Naaw notes

06 Nov 2019 - Rennes


Back on the old continent ! It's nice to be able to walk in the streets without sweating. And I was reunited with my dear motorbike, going right away into a little Tour de France.
I still have a bit of time until I run out of money to eat, so I'm indulging myself into this foggy process of defining and finding an ideal job, or even creating it. Mixing technical challenges, good team, good salary and ethics, is clearly not something I'm gonna solve in a day. Not that there's any lack of jobs in the industry, but if you consider fossil energy companies as a no-go, medical companies as shady, banks as too powerful and irrelevant, the possibilities get a little bit thinner. And then there's the full remote habit I got during these last five years, I don't see how I would do without it now.
But enough rambling, gotta work on my resume (it's multilingual, multi-audience, fitted with easter-eggs, and will never be done at this rate) !